Cafe Java Stone Mountain, Georgia

Since opening in August of 2014, we often get asked what is a non-profit community coffeehouse.  

First lets start with the non-profit part.  All our profits at the end of the year are divided among three deserving local non-profit organizations. You the customer get to decide who benefits from your purchase by "chipping in".  Simply place a poker chip into the container of your favorite charity.  Can't decide?  Don't worry, there is a container that allows you to chose all three.

Now the Community part.  When we opened we became one with the community of Stone Mountain Village!  We help promote local business and offer a true third place where the neighborhood comes together in safe and inviting environment.  At Cafe JAYA we allow local musicians to showcase their talents.  We love the village and the eclectic and diverse community that lives and works here.  

Our Resident Baristas

Rory Webb

Co-Owner Rory Webb has a diverse background in Catering and Event Management.

Favorite Quote: "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why".
Favorite Coffee: Salted caramel latte milk shake
Favorite Adult Beverage: Atlanta Mule

Jeff Carey

Co-Owner Jeff Carey has an extensive background in management, marketing and finance.  He is also the Pastor of Just As You Are.

Favorite Quote: "Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle".
Favorite Coffee: Our 17 hour cold brewed iced coffee on nitro
Favorite Adult Beverage: Dirty Vodka Martini ... oh wait.... Rattlesnake Rosies Apple Pie Adult Milk Shake ... oh wait...